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Just thinkin May. 18th, 2004 @ 03:43 pm
Each friendship seems to be a unique sittuations, I suppose that is why they are so hard to make judgement calls on. Its also so hard to ask for advice concerning a friend, because honestly their is no way someone else can understand the sittuation that you have with you and said friend. Anyways, but my point is that despite the unique sittuation behing each frienship, are their any universal truths to frienship? Is there a time always where one should terminate a frienship or should friendship be saved at all costs. I suppose once again it depends on the person, but what are the time for termination? I say the word termination because it sounds extreme as ending friendships typically tend to be. Well, anyways thats just whats on my mind, nothing spectacular.

Providence and Connection May. 11th, 2004 @ 09:53 am
A man walks down the street, and all of a sudden for no reason feels an urge for icecream, now the nearest Baskin Robbins is 3 blocks away and though he has too much to do to sit around and just lavish in the delieght that we all know is Baskin Robbins, he feels compelled to go, but why? He gets there and low and behold he sees the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, her car has broken down right outside the store and she needs help. Did I mention this guy just took a two week course on mechanics. He doesnt even like cars, but, he figured it would be nice to be prepared. So as you figured, he fixes the car for the girl, they get icecream, go on a walk, love everything about each other, and date for 3 months before getting married. All this because he felt like icecream at just the right time, to use his new found mechanic skills, that he wasnt even sure if he would ever use. And not only that but the girl was'nt even from this town she just happneed to be passing by the same time that our friend wanted icecream. Later on our friend found out had he gone home he would have most likely been killed by a lunatic shooting up the streets that day (seems reasonable). Anyways my point as you have no doubt gathered is, was this coincidence or providence? Are things made or meant to happen or is everything random, like two meteors hitting in the universe and we are all just bouncing off one another. I can tell you that until yesterday, I believed it was random, and I still might, Im not sure, but a really strange series of event happened that I must at least acknowledge if nothing else, might have been some sort of providence. Not that Im some zealot now, but simply, just one of those days, where your like Holy S$^ how did that happen, what are the chances. Being as there are several theories on the subject, karma, free will, destiny, fate, obviously others must have these coincidences. Really to be honest I don't know where I was going with this, I am still kind of stunned by this series of events. Maybe people like the idea of providence and fate, because hit is comforting, maybe they can't handle the idea that our lives may not have any purpose, that we are just rocks floating out in the universe. Like agent Smith said, maybe the purpose of life is to end? Because who is to say that something was meant to happen? And if it is was it God? But, if we have free will this would not be plausible. So even from a religious perspective it seems fate may not be a possibility. Even KArma depends on the actions and choices of a person. But even with all this reasoning why I should not believe, right now I am still tempted, so I would like to request if you have had a situation that seems beyond coincidence to write about it, I think it would be fascinating to see what others think on the subject.
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Tale of horror and poo May. 10th, 2004 @ 04:22 pm
I just heard the grossest and funniest story I have heard in years. So viewer discretion is advised. Seriously do not say I did not worn you about this and that you can't believe I typed about it, because I frekin warned you and you read it anyways. Ok, so my friend from work was just telling me about his weekend, which for all practical purposes started off well. His girlfriends parents were out of town and you know what that means, poonany for everyone, or in this case for my un named friend. So he was hitting her up all over the house, and so they finnaly make there way to the kitchen where they are doing it doggie style on the island. When out of no where she tells him to do her in the butt, and my friend being a sensible man was like...sounds good to me. So he's "tappin that ass" litterally and she screamin for more, when all of a sudden the door opens and there stand the girls parens looking at them doing it not only in their kitchen but seeing my friend do there baby girl in the butt. So my freind pulls out, with the fight or flight syndrom surely kicking in, when as soon as he pulls out, she just craps all over him. Then to add insult to injury, he throws up on her. While the whole time the parents are watching the whole thing. And further he had to come back later that night to take her to her debutante ball, with her parents and grand parents. Man, I don't think I have any room to complain anymore.
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Give the rabbit some F*&% CEREAL! May. 7th, 2004 @ 03:35 pm
I just got done with my brain being on auto pilot, which is a great setting for my brain most of the time, but sometimes it goes on auto pilot say when you are about to get on the bus and you remember you drove to school, luckily this time it turned off before I got on the bus, a week ago I was not so fortunate. Anyways,I was just sitting down to watch an entrawling episode of Star Trek Voyager when I realize, why is it that cereal commercials never change? I mean everyone else changes mascots or picks up mascots when they should'nt...Quiznos, Im looking in your direction, but seriously, give the Rabbit some F*%%^ cereal. Now i know cereal is really expensive today, but still its just one bowl guys, and while were on the topic, I think Lucky and the rabbit should team up to become a international conglomerate of cereal thieves, and since lucky always succeeds, maybe he could teach the rabbit a few things. anyways, I mean why the hell does he want it soo bad? I don't know its carboard flakes that happen to be in the shape of froot, yes I know I spelled fruit wrong, but I did it as point to all those nay sayers out there, I can spell mote or froot any way I damn well please...damnit. Anyways, would you give the rabbit some fruit? God knows I would, a rabbit as persistent as he is with such elaborate plots that always fail is bound to kill someone sooner or later, and that person will not be me... damnit. Oh and stay tuned next week when I announce the contest winner for a magical night of three with me and my date.
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God is All knowing and lives in the magical Fortress May. 6th, 2004 @ 02:49 pm
Today I pose a very difficult question, if God is all knowing does he live in a magical fortress? Speculation would reveal that the answer to this would be no, for if God is all knowing he would know that his fortress is worthless in modern warfare, due to stealth fighters and the smart bombs, which I do not doubt would penetrate into his magical fortress. Also does the magical fortress by neccesity have a mote and if so what is the mote filled with? Perhaps water or lava, but I like to thtink it is filled with canabalistic midgets. Perhaps though his fortress lies on some distant plane of existence far away from our own, but I still think the smart bomb could get there and penetrate the fortress...I mean does not the name imply its power...smart bomb. Tell me your theories on the magical fortress, how it could be penetrated and what the moat is filled with and if I like your answer, we shall go out on a magical night of dinner for three, you me and my date, and you shall pay and be the third wheel. No purchase neccisary, see contract rules, care of Magical fortress contest, 4500 Titties strret, Lincoln, Nebraska, 78790
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Other entries
» Titties, Titties, Tittties
I thought the title, was catchy. Anyways today i was asked what is it guys like soo much about titties, boobs, Ka chongas(not that I have ever in my life refered to them as such).I will try to answer this as best I can for the ladies out there. Well this is a difficult topic, but there are several reasons, and its not the same for every guy. Primary reason that i can think of...is that there tittes, and we don't have'um and we want to play with them. They are also nice and soft you can lay on them. And ladies some guys like the big ole titties, but me myself I dont mind the little titties, to me more than a handfull is a waste. But the personality that accompanies the titties, can make the titties that much better. But prety much as long as the titties are not conclave, then your set for life. So ladies please, don;t hog your titties share the with the world, or at least share them with a neighbor.
» (No Subject)
Is college a waste of time. You know just like fraternity and sororities (and I actually have authority to say this now) it seems like the thing to do to follow the crowd, to fit in with everyone else, where the real geniuses of our time, like Bill Gates and MIchael Dell, just skip the entire process and make millions. Now Im down for being educated, but honestly my major seems like somewhat of a waste of time. The only reason Im a history major is to go to law school, why the fuck not just go to law school. Maybe its an endurance test, but this endurance test is pissing me off just as Im sure its pissing everyone else off. I mean it just seems like professors make it worse since they are too afraid to go out into the real world and deal with the subject they are actually teaching. Sitting with smug looks on their faces only hiding the contemptuous thought that they are only another link in the chain. Well I say we quit college and start a revolution, and I want to know whose comin with me. Cause Im tired of wasting my time. And my parents money...which could be wasted in better ways.
» Only a moderate pussy
Well, everyone Im glad to finnally inform you that my roomate has finnally lost his official title of pussy, and the great state of Jack has reprised that title to the new title for Miguel which is moderate pussy. The new title has the same implications as the last, but he will simply not be called a pussy as often(meaning not every second of the day) Miguel after a self inflicted dry spell has finally lifted the poon tang embargo on women. Brecklyn has succeeded in negotiating a peace between Miguel and women of the world.Congratulations to both parties on their sucessful negotiations which came to pruition last night. Next but not least while reading in Russian history today, i concluded. Not that this is amazing by any means, but simply the liberals of today are the conservatives of tommoro. The world continues to release slack on its once strangling grasp on our morate culture. So I kind of wonder what will be the big controversy of the next century, maybe the nudists will finally gain a bastion in the American legal system, and beautiful ladies will not be soo constrained by those god awful clothes. Not that I would discriminate in who could be naked, but I would allow for the distribution of masks or sunglasses so that you can make the appropriate face at nasty naked people without hurting anyone elses fealing.
Anyways, congrats to miguel and happy birthday, to my other bitch roomate Matt.much love.
» Texas and Chicken Mcnuggets
My thoughts today are based on the interesting phenomenom of the loyaly people have towards the stae of Texas campared to that of other sates in the Union and so I found myself asking the question, if it came down to it would I rather protect the US or Texas. I love both but where do my loyalties lie. Personally Im a huge Texas fan, we are a kick ass state, we fought for our independence, we can fly our flag as high as the US flag (legally) and we have our own commercials, because if you want to sell stuff in Texas, you have to mention Texas. Anyways, when I was thinking about it and I dont mean it unpatriotically, I think I would protect the United States any day of the week with all my heart, but if it came down to protecting one over the other, naturally I would propably feel more inclined to protect my home. Not just because we are a kick ass state, but I grew up here, and since Texas has given so much to me and been so good to me, I think I would like any son want to return the favor.
Also for the first time since first grade I had Chicken McNuggets and orange Drink today, and the new white meat is like an orgy in my mouth, I strongly recomend it. Now Im a bar b q sauce man myself, but I have heard the sweet and sour is a delight as well. Anywyas, just thought I 'd share my random thought with you.
» giving
I want a person out there to understand something. Giving is a great thing, and this goes out to one person in particular. I don't mind giving gifts, because those people are the world to me. So I want to give everything I am and everything I can spare, to them. This is not an attack as this person will know it is an explanation. When you make my life happier, nothing makes me happier than to give to that person. For my friend would die for me and I for him/her. That being the case a CD player, and a DVD are the least I can do, for soemone that has earned my full trust,respect, friendship and I would fuck anyone up that messes with him or her. Anyways, that being said, I say eat a dick and enjoy...bitch. One love, One love. Oh yeah stay tuned tommoro, I think i may say something naughty.
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