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Providence and Connection - I gotta warn ya, im a screamer

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Date:May 11th, 2004 06:36 pm (UTC)
"And if it is was it God? But, if we have free will this would not be plausible."

Does our free will have anything to do with the girls car breaking down? Or the location of baskin robbins?

The fact of the matter is all situations come to a head by a: the things you can control, and b: the things you can't. You can control wether or not you carry an umbrella, but you can't control the weather. You can control when your oil gets changed but you can't control when you get sideswiped by a car in a busy intersection. There is very little grey area, in my opinion, on the things you have control over in your life. So how do we explain bizarre coincidences and circumstantial phenomenon? Well, just remember there is a whole realm of elements out of our hand that we have yet to explain, and when one person sees so many things come full circle that he cannot deny that it's too bizarre to be simple coincidence, then you've got to drop it all and say...

"There's something out there moving the pieces I can't control."

For example: My sister planning to come to texas last year right when my dad's kidney's failed. She happened to schedule her airline tickets the weekend of Grace's big dance competition months in advance and she and I were able to take Grace to her competition in San Antonio while Kerry stayed by Dad's side in the hospital in Midland.

Me walking away from a 50 mile an hour head on collision, and me falling asleep at the wheel and driving off an overpass on the highway, without even a bloody nose.

My step mom divorcing and moving from midland to san antonio at the exact same time as my father, sister, and I, and us just happening to run into her at one of 20 lutheran churches there.

A lot of this could easily be called luck but I've seen too much stuff just 'happen' in my life to pass it off as 'something just happening'

The truth of the matter is that we have as much proof for the idea of fate as we do for gravity, though we cannot see it, we often look back and see the bizarre situations where things have 'magically' worked out when we thought there wasn't any way for us to resolve our problems. Though fate is obviously more of a wildcard than gravity, the idea that what goes up must come down isn't very dependable 100 thousand miles above the earth.

I gotta get back to studying, but those are surely some things to think about.
Date:May 11th, 2004 08:28 pm (UTC)
No one's saying *simple* coincidence... I think the more choices involved by the more random people, the cooler the coincidence is. Unless it's a bad one like getting sideswiped in an intersection. But do you know what I mean? The girl made a choice and the guy who built the baskin robbins there made a choice and the guy who helped her made a choice, and maybe if one of those choices hadn't been made, none of it would have happened. Who knows what choices you make every day that effect people and events you probably never find out about.

Not to be argumentative... just sayin' :)
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Date:May 12th, 2004 01:38 am (UTC)
I think KAtherine yo have stubled upon an interesting point, that it is a pleant thought that destiny is the case over random occurances. Because one does not have to do anything, its the thought that stuff will happen regardless, so I can just sit back on my couch and it will occur. Destiny is a comfort, so perhaps that is all it is a comfort.
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