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I gotta warn ya, im a screamer

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My roomate miguel is my subject today Apr. 29th, 2004 @ 05:27 pm
Miguel is such a great guy, and he has this girl out there that likes him alot, so basically my task for the past two days has been to set that bastard up. And you would think this would be easy, considering he likes her and she likes him, but ohhh no, Miguel has to be a bitch so, I guess my real point is sometimes, you gotz to bitch slap your friends if you think there being bastards and tell them...hey Go tap that! I mean is that such a diservice to go, and tell your friend..."hey bitch go tap that shit" I hope Im not alone on this. Anyways, thats been on my mind, that and I got in an argument with the govenor on gay marriage, and here I might offend some people, but I'm a pretty conservative guy, but when it comes to gay marriage or any marriage you can marry your pet donkey for all I care, if it doesnt involve me, then I dont care what you do, so I guess I don't see the logical argument, for why a man and a man can't marry if nothing else for tax reasons. I mean religion doesnt even have to be involved, shit just get the justice of the peace to do it. I just though I would spark some contraversy, so if you agree with me cool, but if not, thats cool, but Im more interested in what you think, I would like to here some arguments against me out there, because I guess right now I want to see what the big deal is and why there is this debate, cause rick perry didnt have shit on my arguments. That bitch was eating out of my hand. lol. Ohhhh, Im serious. Does anyone else smell cookies, ok thats it. stich a fork in me.

Matt Wallace is a sexy bitch Apr. 29th, 2004 @ 12:16 am
MY friend Matt is an extremely sexy bitch. Ladies, if you want a top knotch big dicked bastard, this is your man, though he may only stand 5'10, don't assume height had any ratio with length....if ya know what I mean. He's extremely hot, he has long blonde hair, which is very well groomed, and he can usually be seen around campus, with the swarm of women...and men chasing him. If you would like nay information, regarding this big dicked bastard, please call me at 512 925 9875, and I will personally set you up with him...but it will cost you...dearly. So do yourself a favor and give me a call

I have journal? Apr. 28th, 2004 @ 11:19 pm
This is my journal? This is going to be a commentary on my friends, I dont event hink I will write about me, I think I will just right about my kick ass friends, because thats the only thing that is of any particular interest to me, beside davy crockett and how frekin cool he is, and I don't think Im gonna be PC so, just feel free to write hate mail anytime you like.
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